How Stella Got her Groove Back

My first online dating experience was exactly what I needed.

He was fun. Flirty. Sexy. It was easy for me to flirt with him.  I have no idea why–he’s 2 years younger, kept up with witty/flirty banter, made it clear that he was interested in making out with me and didn’t talk about any big promises/life plans…ok, so I knew why…and I was feeling good about it.

It was 2 days after my 30-somethingth birthday.  We met for drinks at a local bar.  We watched some college basketball and flirted. He told me he had a “birthday present for me” and if I wanted it, I’d have to take him home.  So in those few minutes, I did something I’d never done before, swallowed my fear and said (much more confidently than I felt) “Let’s go.”

And just like that, Stella got her groove back (or FINALLY got her groove on).


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