Facebook for Singles

I think Facebook mocks single women in their 30’s.

Babies, kids, houses, husbands… engagements,pregnancies… sometimes it’s torturous.

The constant barrage of posts that are reminders of everything I DON’T have.

Most of the time I don’t care… honestly, I love the updates of all my friends’ lives…I’m thrilled for them.

BUT this is where I draw the damn line.

I’m making a proclamation…

creepyasself… that’s what I would name him.

If I need to see every update of the whereabouts of  “Archibald, Nickolas, Buddy, Charlie, Jack, Jingle” or whatever the hell you call your creepy-ass elf-on-a shelf… I will start posting what I did at the bar last night with my date and include photos.

You’ve been warned.


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