On a Wednesday in a baaaaaar….

Game Guy and I went out the other night.  We were supposed to meet up on a Wednesday night (I wonder if I’m starting to subconsciously choose this day because of that damn Taylor Swift song?) and instead of just the two of us, it turned into a double date with our friends who also met at the same game.

We played some of the local bar games, including shuffle board which he is a master at.. seriously a master.  I had to ask him if he was just letting me play well.  His response, “I don’t want to answer that”.

The music was pumping with all of my old favorites from the late 80’s/90’s…boy bands, rap groups.  Awesome. A debate was sparked about Step by Step, the New Kids on the Block song.  “What year did this come out?” my friend asked.  We all made guesses and Game Guy pulled out his phone.  “1986, ” he said, “I was just born.”

Yikes…. can I date a 27-year old?

I mean, I know age is just a number but he’s definitely younger than me… less than 10 years, but still.   How young is too young to be out of your dating age range? **

** On a side note, he started to broach my age and then pulled it back instantly, realizing it was rude.  I assured him I didn’t care and then asked how old he thought I was.  He thought I was 26… bless his heart.  I gave him the real answer and he never flinched… guess age doesn’t matter than much to the males.


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