I WANT to be dateless on New Year’s Eve

And here are my top ten reasons why…

10. I don’t want to deal with a puppy dog following me around all nigh OR be a puppy dog following anyone else.

9. My party clothes are too binding.

8. I want to  be concentrating on the good changes for 2013…not stressing about who I am or aren’t with on the last night of 2012.

7. I’ve been in serious hibernation mode, and nothing sounds better than my nice warm bed.

6.  I hate the crowds and all the NYE hype. (Sigh, does this mean I’m old?)

5. Most of my closest friends are in family mode and I don’t feel like being an extra wheel.

4. My friends who are not in family mode aren’t doing anything that I actually want to do.

3. I’m sick of doing my hair and makeup.

2. I take New Years very seriously in that it’s the closing of one year.. and where I am when the clock strikes midnight is pretty important to me…I can’t have some random dude be a part of that this year.

1. This is a chance for me to continue to celebrate me.. and what better way to do that than on my own.


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