Stella’s Dating Resolutions for 2013

Despite what my last post may led people to believe… I went out for NYE with a good friend of mine and we had a great time. We did what we wanted,went with the flow, and performed as many random acts of kindness as possible.  We had a lot of laughs, stayed away from drama and made some new friends.

So now here I am in 2013 ready for all it’s going to offer me.

And according to my Yahoo love horoscops for 2013:

Pisces: Dynamic
As the most romantic sign of all, you’re prone to having extreme expectations when it comes to love. The first half of this year is about you getting serious — what do you really want for yourself? Date as much as you can to find out, because this summer will bring on a one-year wave of ardent love interests. Be prepared to consider some serious relationship prospects — but your rose-colored glasses must stay in your pocket, not on your nose, if you want to be successful. For you, clarity is key in 2013.


So my dating resolution is to be clear about what I want and who I am.

And date, often.

Cause Yahoo told me too… and it’s good for the blog. ; )


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