Freaky Saturday

I went on a first date tonight…. I was excited about it all week and had even broken my– no dating random dudes on MY WEEKENDS rule for it.

The date came up tonight and as I got dressed.. I started freaking out.  What if this date is horrible?  What if he looks nothing like his photos?  What if he’s so boring and uninteresting in person?  What if he tries to molest me like the last military guy I went out with?  and with all of that comes my own negative self talk… What if he hates me? What if he thinks I’m ugly/fat/boring/horrible..?  And why the hell am I freaking out like this?  I haven’t done this since my first first date!!

So in a panic, I texted my dating guru

Me: I’m getting ready for my date tonight and I’m totally terrified.  What is wrong with me? I’m having a dating breakdown.

Guru: Because you want it to work out. 


So damn simple…. I actually care whether or not this one becomes something.



One thought on “Freaky Saturday

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