I don’t get guys these days..

Cher was right in the 90’s and she’s still right today… except if she was filming this today she’d change baggie jeans to skinny jeans and greasy hair to the Beiber cut.

And I can guarantee she’s mention something about dick pics.

I’ve mentioned this once before but dick pics.  What the hell, dudes? Why do we think this is acceptable behavior? ESPECIALLY since we’ve just met/haven’t met yet/have only hung out 2-3 times.

I’m not interested.

My response: Number deleted.

Why friends?  Why?  What is the deal with all the dick pics?  There are other ways to turn a girl on and if you/I stick around long enough, you’ll find out that dick pics aren’t one of them.

So dudes, take it from me.. stop dick pic texting!


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