Where the fuck’s my glass slipper?

I want the damn fairy tale.

I’m admitting it.

I want that perfect happily ever after.. you know, the one that you know is not so perfect and not so 100% happily ever after..but I want the story.  I want the romance. I want that fairy tale.

I want the kind of love that you can drop everything for.  The kind that you can be completely impractical about.  The type where someone will slay a dragon, fight his way through guards and smell every dirty foot in the country just to find you.

Because here’s the truth.

I would do that.

There is little I wouldn’t do when I truly love someone and yet for some reason, I never seem to find the guys that would go that extra mile… or even 1/4 mile…into the wilds for me.

And before you tell me that they don’t exist (cause trust me, I went through that phase too) I know they do.  I’ve seen men like this with  my friends… my dad…I know they’re there.


That’s it. I’m putting my foot down.  Where the hell is Prince Charming?


It’s Oh So Quiet…


We’ve been quiet over here for awhile.

Both Delilah and I have been swamped with actual work and other life issues… so unfortunately our dating blogging has suffered.

I’m sorry about that.

I promise I’ll be back in the next week or so with some updates, guest posts and other musing on the world of dating and love.

But how are all you doing?

What’s new?