Where the fuck’s my glass slipper?

I want the damn fairy tale.

I’m admitting it.

I want that perfect happily ever after.. you know, the one that you know is not so perfect and not so 100% happily ever after..but I want the story.  I want the romance. I want that fairy tale.

I want the kind of love that you can drop everything for.  The kind that you can be completely impractical about.  The type where someone will slay a dragon, fight his way through guards and smell every dirty foot in the country just to find you.

Because here’s the truth.

I would do that.

There is little I wouldn’t do when I truly love someone and yet for some reason, I never seem to find the guys that would go that extra mile… or even 1/4 mile…into the wilds for me.

And before you tell me that they don’t exist (cause trust me, I went through that phase too) I know they do.  I’ve seen men like this with  my friends… my dad…I know they’re there.


That’s it. I’m putting my foot down.  Where the hell is Prince Charming?


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