Confession Time

You guys, I hate dating.

There. I’m saying it.  I hate it.  I know you’ve all come here to laugh and revel in our dating stories but truthfully, I’ve been hating this scene for a month or so now and Delilah’s been hating for a bit longer than that.  

Hatred does not make for good blog fodder.  Nor does that lack of motivation to get your ass out there. I’ve got both of those going at the moment.  I’m considering taking the rest of the summer off to just “do me”… which will be taking on multiple meanings, if you catch my drift…


and then something or someone slowly reels me back in.  Sometimes it’s just cause I’m horny but look, I SWEAR I haven’t even contacted my favorite Booty Call in months!!… well except for last week.. but the lack of motivation to even put that together killed it before I could say, “Be here at… ” .  And sometimes it’s a text message or a phone call… or just a silly thought I manifest in my own head. 


Maybe it’s the weather?  Maybe it’s just too hot to date right now? I do get irrationally angry when people try to touch me and it’s hot out.  On a recent occasion I half whispered/half-hissed “I hate everyone” to my cousin as I walked past her at a baby shower.  Maybe it’s just my attitude. 


Anyone else having a hard time getting into the dating scene at the moment?

Any tips for keeping yourself going? 




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