Meet Stella

What brought you here?

I’m in my 30’s and readjusting to single life after a divorce. I haven’t been on the dating scene for over 10 years and I sometimes find the whole thing overwhelming.  I’m an educator of small humans who genuinely loves her life and the people in it.  I’ve accomplished some big goals over the past year and am looking forward to accomplishing more this year—dating being one of them.  I’m here because, why not?  The end of my last relationship didn’t shatter me OR my desire to love again… I’m just definitely a little more cautious with my heart this time.

Turn Ons: Beer drinker, sports enthusiast, sweet dance moves, guys who are thoughtful and responsive, being passionate about something, and be willing to try things.

Turn Offs: Popped collars on pastel polos, illegal use of hands on a first date, anyone shorter than me, whiners, and people who think McDonalds qualifies as a date.

What makes you dateable?

I legitimately love sports and beer. I like alone time as much as I love together time… I think you need a healthy amount of both in a relationship and I strive to keep that balance. I’m love to cook, bake and know that the people in my life are happy—if they aren’t, I try to change that.  I love to travel and try new things. Plus I’m fun.  And cute.  J

What are you looking for?

I’m looking for someone who’s an equal partner.  Someone who will pick me up when I need it and let me do the same for him.  I don’t think I have a “type” so right now I’m trying different things and having fun.   I’m definitely getting more open to having a relationship again, when the right guy comes along, but until then I’m going to have as much fun as I can.

Why blog about it?

There’s no handbook for dating, much to my chagrin, so I figured why not? If I’m going to be testing these waters, someone else may as well benefit from it.


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