It’s Oh So Quiet…


We’ve been quiet over here for awhile.

Both Delilah and I have been swamped with actual work and other life issues… so unfortunately our dating blogging has suffered.

I’m sorry about that.

I promise I’ll be back in the next week or so with some updates, guest posts and other musing on the world of dating and love.

But how are all you doing?

What’s new?


On Break… Spring Break. :)

Sorry friends…

Stella is officially on Spring Break this week.  What happens on Spring Break, may stay on Spring Break. 😉

And then again, maybe you’ll get some juicy stories when I return….

At the worst, you’ll get some more of my random musings.



What makes you feel sexy? Music Edition

I did a lot of driving this weekend which means my IPod and I got to spend some quality time together. In the course of my shuffling, I happened upon this:

There’s something about this song that oozes sexiness to me. I want to swivel and sway and sing this to someone, in my super sexy voice, during a sunset on a beach. Not that I’ve given it a lot of thought or anything….. 🙂

For one of my best friends, it’s this song:

And it got me thinking, what makes you feel sexy? And isn’t this a great subject for the blog? So let’s start with the subject that brought this up to begin with… music. I doubt Barry White and Marvin Gaye are making all of you feel your sexiest.. so what is? Share in your comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

I don’t get guys these days..

Cher was right in the 90’s and she’s still right today… except if she was filming this today she’d change baggie jeans to skinny jeans and greasy hair to the Beiber cut.

And I can guarantee she’s mention something about dick pics.

I’ve mentioned this once before but dick pics.  What the hell, dudes? Why do we think this is acceptable behavior? ESPECIALLY since we’ve just met/haven’t met yet/have only hung out 2-3 times.

I’m not interested.

My response: Number deleted.

Why friends?  Why?  What is the deal with all the dick pics?  There are other ways to turn a girl on and if you/I stick around long enough, you’ll find out that dick pics aren’t one of them.

So dudes, take it from me.. stop dick pic texting!

Tonight’s Date look?

I interupt my normal schedule of posts to bring you this important announcement….

Tonight I’m going on a date dressed like this:

2010 0503 Lululemon Define Jacket Angel Blue

Girl on the left. With grey top.

Movie date. At his place.  He told me he wasn’t getting fancy and would probaly wear his pj pants.  I laughed and said.. cool, I’m not dressing up then either.  So I’m looking like my cute, sporty self.  This bodes well for us all if he’s into this look, as it’s very much the normal me.  If not, well…. no big loss.

Sidenote— I am wearing my Lululemon pants.. they make my ass look good.



How Stella Got her Groove Back

My first online dating experience was exactly what I needed.

He was fun. Flirty. Sexy. It was easy for me to flirt with him.  I have no idea why–he’s 2 years younger, kept up with witty/flirty banter, made it clear that he was interested in making out with me and didn’t talk about any big promises/life plans…ok, so I knew why…and I was feeling good about it.

It was 2 days after my 30-somethingth birthday.  We met for drinks at a local bar.  We watched some college basketball and flirted. He told me he had a “birthday present for me” and if I wanted it, I’d have to take him home.  So in those few minutes, I did something I’d never done before, swallowed my fear and said (much more confidently than I felt) “Let’s go.”

And just like that, Stella got her groove back (or FINALLY got her groove on).