Meet our Friends

Collette, dear friend and fabulous writer.  Also an avid lover of pets… 

I’m far too clever to let anyone know my real age or all of the intricacies of my past.  But I certainly don’t mind sharing a few details of my misadventures in the dating world.  An unabashed flirt when the mood would strike, I used to treat collecting men as near sport.  I cherish each experience from the one-nighter to having had the honor of dating a guy who was much more a man at 18 than most men twice that age. I’ve experienced that gamut, from breaking hearts with an inexcusable amount of naivete to having my own left in near tragic disrepair. (And let’s not forget all those levels of intimacy in between!)

I enjoy being able to step outside of my misgivings, embarrassing moments, triumphs, abject failures, foolish notions, and Hollywood fantasies to reflect on each thread that meets together to bind the greater canvas of my life.  Plenty of lessons have been learned from plenty more mistakes, but I live without regret.  I  like the look of my life’s tapestry and know that doubting a single fiber could damage the beauty of the entire work.  I am here to send the loving reminder to all women that it is perfectly okay to stumble your way to perfection.  Embrace all there is and grow stronger each day as you become a better you.


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