How soon is soon enough?

In this dance of dating… how do you decide when to have sex with a new partner?

Do you have a set number of dates?

Wait for a feeling?

Wait a certain length of time?


I’m just curious how the rest of you are doing this?  Clearly I need help figuring this part out.


Breaking Guy Code

Ladies, I’m about to give you some knowledge that has recently been imparted on my by one of my most favorite men in the entire world.

Never forget the power of Pussy….men everywhere bow to it.  In selling out men everywhere, you have what we want. Ultimately you are in control. Own it.

I think some women get this… others, like me, we don’t.  But tonight, I took that advice and owned it.  And I’m determined to own every single date from here on out. 🙂

The Runaway Date

Game Boy stared at me, very seriously, from across the table.

He’s done this before… just very intently looked at me for a length of time and it’s made me uncomforable. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I couldn’t place my finger on why it was making me uncomforable… until tonight…

We were talking about something and right before he went into the intense stare he said, “That just makes you even more awesome…”  and then the stare.

I was watching him fall in love with me, I realized it and it smacked me in the face… hard.  And I’m not saying this because I conceitedly think that all guys fall in love with me.. I’m saying it because I could literally see it in his face.  So I got uncomfortable. And nervous.  And then I bit my lip, nervously laughed and said, “What are you staring at?” He got nervous and answered, “I’m just… uhh… I …. I’m admiring you. You’re gorgeous.”  and I felt awkward. I replied, “Thank you.” and then made one of my uncomfortable awkward faces and tried to change the subject.

I felt terrified.  I wanted to run.

Am I not ready for a relationship?  Or is it just him that I’m not really that into?

I’m starting to panic.  Is it the possibility of a relationship or is it just him? Either way.. this just doesn’t feel right.