And this song made me cry tonight


What makes you feel sexy? Music Edition

I did a lot of driving this weekend which means my IPod and I got to spend some quality time together. In the course of my shuffling, I happened upon this:

There’s something about this song that oozes sexiness to me. I want to swivel and sway and sing this to someone, in my super sexy voice, during a sunset on a beach. Not that I’ve given it a lot of thought or anything….. 🙂

For one of my best friends, it’s this song:

And it got me thinking, what makes you feel sexy? And isn’t this a great subject for the blog? So let’s start with the subject that brought this up to begin with… music. I doubt Barry White and Marvin Gaye are making all of you feel your sexiest.. so what is? Share in your comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

Valentine’s Day

Girls, I’d like to make a toast on the behalf of men
Here’s to the men we love
Here’s to the men who love us
Here’s to the men we love who dont love us
Fuck the men, let’s drink to us
— Willa Ford


I sometimes quote Willa Ford…

Well, not really but I agree with the sentiment.  I’ve never been really big on Valentine’s Day anyway but being single over the last 2 have made me appreciate the ladies in my life a whole lot more.

I’m so grateful for them and hope that they and YOU (single or otherwise) are enjoying this day.